Bangor History on the Internet
The Bangor Boulder
BBC: Your Place and Mine
A lump of rock which has been a meeting place for a Bangor community for more than a century has been saved from a developer's skip Ö

Bangor Golf Club: One Hundred Years 1903-2003
Jeremy Stanley & Paula Campbell
To the men who sat round a table in the Downshire Hotel, Main Street, Bangor, on a day in February 1903, the future looked bright. They were talking about forming a golf club in Bangor.

The Belfast & County Down Railway
Downpatrick & County Down Railway
The Belfast and County Down Railway Company operated a system for 100 years between 1848 and 1948, which at its peak covered 80 miles, exclusively within County Down. The line from Belfast to Bangor opened in 1865.

The Bangor Grammar School Archive
Bangor Grammar School
The School Archive relates to BGS from its inception to the present. The McNeilly Archive relates to Bangor & (North) Down from c.1844 to 1980ís, the gift of family of Edgar McNeilly, Grammarian & Governor. The Stockton Archive is political material gifted by journalist and political commentator Norman Stockton. The General Archive consists of non-BGS matters such as newspaper and periodical collections.

World War II - Ballyholme Bay
Ballyholme Bay, Bangor was a hive of activity during the war with US Navy ships docked, local ladies wowed and Glen Miller playing the Caproni's Ballroom.

The Jordan Collection
North Down Museum
Sir John Newell Jordan, one of Britainís most eminent diplomats, who was born at Balloo on the outskirts of Bangor in 1852. He travelled throughout Asia and gained an in-depth understanding of the Chinese character and culture that set him apart from contemporary diplomats.This collection covers a wide variety of ornate oriental pieces from carvings, textiles and teapots to a hand drawn map of the Forbidden City.